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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

iHEEZY Reviews "Self Made"

"I like this Maybach Music" is the line spoken sexily by a female on the intro to "Self Made Vol. 1", hip hop's new found dream team's first collaborative effort, and it sums up my feelings about the project. With Lex Luger, Beat Billionaire, Just Blaze, and many other heat makers producing; and rhymes from the MMG regulars (Pill, Wale, Meek Mill, Rick Ross), as well as guest appearances from J. Cole and Jeremih this project had a very high bar set for it before I even took a listened to it but by track 3 (Tupac Back) I was doing a smooth 85 in my car rockin hard. That's the kind of music you will hear on this project; good ol' head bobbin, sh!t talkin rap but you also have tracks like "That Way" and "Play Your Part" with smooth melodic beats to cruise thru the hood to. Laid on top of these beats are brash, aggressive, and borderline hotile verses of how fly the MMG crew is and how they shut clubs down and even a few laid back bars explaining how yo girl will be persuaded to leave with a MMG repper (most of those are from Wale). Its an all around good piece of art; the songs don't tell a story but the flow well, the production is of the highest quality, and the raps are superb. With this leading off the summer rush of music I say MMG has an early lead.

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