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Friday, April 1, 2011

iHEEZY's Fashion Tips Vol. 4 (+some other words)

What's good world!? We gettin back in to the meat of our blog here at 6months2fame. Be sure to follow us on twitter @Fame_Gang6 and all that but that's not what I'm here for right now. I'm here to drop some hot fashion tips on you for the Spring and Summer. Like 2 weeks ago I was in Atlanta on vacation and did a little shoppin (shoutout to Wish, Standard Lenox, and Sole on Luckie Street) and I have my official predictions of whats gonna be hot for the fellas. Of course Ima say cargo shorts are the hotness but jean shorts are not completely dead (I just don'e wear em) so I recommend cargo's (no outlandish colors tho). I also say for tops we gon keep it real basic; if you goin with a collared shirt Ralph Lauren or Lacoste with the small emblem is dope (NO BIG PONY'S OR BIG CROCS) or dope brands of tee shirt with the small logo on the breast also (big logo's aren't dead for tees just simple is gonna be dope for the summer). Now footwear is gonna depend on the occasion yall know I'm a sneaker head so Ima say dope sneaks if you goin for a sporty look, watch out for the True Blue 3s from Air Jordan and the Sprite Edition Lebron 8s from Nike. If you goin for the casual look Sperry deck shoes or low cut casual Adidas. For headgear I say ditch the snap backs and get back to fitted's if you goin sporty or bucket hats for something cutting edge casual!!! As for me this summer I'm gon do a little of all of it so catch me if u can!!!

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