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Friday, November 5, 2010

iHEEZY's Fashion Tips Vol. 2

So today I woke up and mighta been the freshest nigga in the world today! lol Naw I'm just kiddin...I woke up thinkin how can I get back to my preppy look with a spin and I thought about how to incorporate my new found sweatshirt fetish. In volume 1 I told yall that sweatshirts were dope this year and now Im bout to tell you how to throw a twist on it. Polo sweatshirts with a polo underneath and cargo pants are my advice for gettin a rugged preppy look. Contrasting colors like a grey sweatshirt, red polo under, classic khaki cargos and red chucks is the most basic example I can think of (I had that one the other day lol)...but try it out and tell em iHEEZY dressed u!!

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