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Thursday, October 21, 2010

iHEEZY's Fashion Tips Vol. 1

Wus good famers!? Its yo favorite manager/hypeman iHEEZY; yall know Ima fashion fanatic sneakers, clothes, hats, everything so I'm bout 2 give you my perspective of whats dope for the fall for my fellas...1st is sweatshirts; not hoodies but good ol fleece, crewneck sweatshirts: If you saw the footage from KState homecomin weekend you see that's what I was rockin from vintage starter, to mighty healthy and everything in between sweatshirts are definitely in. Be on the look out for Champion to get hot with their basic sweatshirts. Now for the kicks; you know JB is droppin some crack this season with the French Blue 13s, Cool Grey 11s, Winterized 6 Rings but the sleeper kicks to look out for are the Nike 1/2 Cents. The eggplant colorway dropped recently and are on my must cop list and the cranberry ones are on deck. If those aren't your thing you can't go wrong with a dope pair of Air Max 24-7s or Adidas Top Tens. Jeans are something I'm not even gon discuss 501s or die (other Levi's are acceptable just not them "Super Skinnys"). And for head gear...Vintage Deadstock skullies are too dope, a 59/50 is standard and the snapback trend is still going strong but if you rockin snapbacks only vintage and Mitchell & Ness (NO NEW ERA SNAP BACKS...THEM SHITS IS ASS). Thats just a quick run down of whats hot for the fall don't forget cardigans are always a thumbs up, pullover hoodies from dope brnds (I suggest North Face) get the go ahead and dope work boots (I might go Drizzy Red Wing it out). Check out photos below! And Ima be back with more dope fashion tips soon!

501 Jeans by Levi

Air Jordan Retro 11

Vintage Deadstock Skully

Nike 1/2 Cent (Eggplant)

Crewneck Sweatshirt by Hall of Fame

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