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Friday, January 28, 2011

J. Greene Productions Presents....

The good folks at J. Greene Productions (the music production arm of our company) would like to offer an opportunity to all the up and coming artists out there. The opportunity is this; we have supplied a fresh beat for you to rap or sing over. Below is a link for you to listen to the track and one for you to download the track. Once you've downloaded the track record your song over it and send it to 6months2famemp3@gmail.com by Wednesday,February 2, 2011. NOW HERE IS THE CATCH; this is A COMPETITION so the best track will be selected by our team here and will receive a weeks worth of promotions for iHEEZY Promotions. The winner will be announced next Friday. After the winner is announced and contacted you MUST submit a bio and shout out video before your promo can begin! If you don't win this time it is not your only opportunity because like any other competition there is more than one round; each round will begin every Friday (today is the beginning of round 1, next week round 2, so on and so forth) and end the following Wednesday...so round 1 begins now! Check out "Song About Nothing", download it, and submit it by next Wednesday!!! GOOD LUCK!!!!


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