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Sunday, December 12, 2010

No Rookies Allowed Is HERE!!!

The mixtape is finally here!! The new mixtape from Elmo is finally here along with a special surprise of an incorporated website. Check out the track list below along with the download link and the link to the website!!

  1. You’re a Rookie (Intro) - SimpliBrown
  2. Fall Back (prod. Ryan Hemsworth) - A-Y
  3. A Conglomerate Intro (prod. BlackMuzik) - Alvietron Feat. J. Philippe & GodSon
  4. Peace & Power (Interlude) – Dizkreet
  5. Power (Dizkreet Remix) – Dizkreet
  6. Bombs – Rockstar Jones
  7. AMG Courtesy (Interlude) – Anthem
  8. Inception (prod. DJ Whoo Kid) – Anthem
  9. Jay, 50, Weezy – Dee-1
  10. Nevermind (prod. MidPoint & Lyle Horowitz) – PreZZure
  11. All Fiya (prod. BlackMuzik) – Logic Feat. Alvietron
  12. MosEL’s Intermission – MosEL
  13. Windows Down (prod. SimpliBrown) – MosEL
  14. What I Dew (prod. BlackMuzik) – Alvietron
  15. Take You Away (prod. Kato) – Kato
  16. The Way (prod. MidPoint) - ABNG & MidPoint Feat. Ragen Fykes
  17. Afterdark – Dana.
  18. Outro
  19. No Rookies Allowed (prod. SimpliBrown) – Dizkreet, Anthem, Rockstar Jones

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