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Thursday, November 4, 2010

Hey guys!

This is your girl Whit!
I just had a few things that are my own opinion that I wanted to share.

On November 2, only 4.7% of Blacks voted in the midterm elections. This is thoroughly messed up.

There seems to be a lot of complaining and no action with my generation, but a lot of my peers are too busy worrying about when Lil Wayne got out of jail. We need to get up and start following our dreams and knowing what is going on in our world. A lot people come and ask us famers how we did what we did, or lined up gigs that we did. WE GOT UP, GOT OUT AND WAS PROACTIVE. Quit looking for handouts. We're in the age that you can get and find ANYTHING that you need to be an success and we use the internet for facebook and twitter, and even then it's not for networking. Let's support each other and get these dreams out. LET'S BE FAMOUS IN 6MONTHS... and make our own money. No more excuses. 2011 is the year of progress.

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