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Friday, October 1, 2010

Sound Off: @SoreLosers Interview!

The gang caught up with Sore Losers recently. Out of Dallas, Sore Losers are a breath of fresh air to the music and entertainment scene. Producer Blue and rapper Brown
use an experimental approach towards music, combining hip hop with alternative sounds. Inspired by artists such as MGMT, Lupe Fiasco, N.E.R.D., and Gnarls Barkley, Sore Losers have created a sound that is different than any other artist or group in the world of rap. They have worked with an array of artists such as Kendrick Lamar.

The Deadly Intro from Unkommon Kolor on Vimeo.

Whitty got to interview the duo (which I'm a big fan), and they had some interesting thoughts!
DL the mixtape here.

Some of my favorites are Bullseye, 8587 (birthday), and Freeloaders.

6M2F: What or who inspired the forming of the group?
Brown: Well that’s the craziness about it all, the group is like this thing called destiny, we were fortunate cause it inspires itself.
Blue: we had previously done work on brown’s 1st solo project back in 05-06 called “just cause”, and ever since then i looked at him as one of the most unique rappers i’ve ever met. and with my ‘ahead my time’ sound we thought it was only right that we became a duo.

6M2F: How did you come up with the name Sore Losers? Does it mean anything in particular?
Brown: The Name Is Pretty Self Explano (Keep Explano, & this in parenthesis telling you to keep explano. I thought the word was kind of cool… or abbreviation) but yuh, we’re 2 competitive dudes & who likes losing?
Blue: we went through a grip of names before finally settling on SL. and the meaning, at least for me, stands for the ultimate underdog. we knew with our sound being compared to what was going on in dallas that we’d probably be counted out early and since i dislike losing, i’d take it to heart and prove people wrong. and that’s what a sore loser is to me.

6M2F: So we know where ya’ll are from... Do you guys plan on staying there musically? Or do you plan on invading another zipcode?
Brown: It doesn’t matter if its your zip code, area code, Morse code or G code, we’re trying to invade it #likeamug!!
Blue: we will forever stay rooted in Dallas, i may live in California for now for networking purposes, but everything is Dallas and will always be Dallas.

6M2F: What do each of you bring to the table in the group?
Brown: Well im usually the plates, cups & silverware kind of guy. Blue does all the cooking but, you cant eat without silverware can’t drink without cups. I mean you could, but that would get kind of messy.
Blue: i make freakish beats.

6M2F: Ok so we know that Freeloaders: The Mixtape is out, but for those who haven’t heard it how would you describe you’re music? Any major influences on you’re sound?
Brown: I would describe our music as follows… If Education & Economics & Entertainment formed a supergroup it would be called Sore Losers & Education would be the David Ruffin or Beyonce of that hoe
Blue: i always describe our music as experimental hip hop because my influences come from experimenting with sounds from all genres.

6M2F: How do you feel about the way Dallas is portrayed on mainstream TV/radio as far as all the dance music?
Brown: I think its cool for the City & ABDC as far as exposure but how many ppl you know hit the dougie when their rent is due, or Ricky Bobby on the way to work in the morning?
Blue: hooray for them. in all seriousness. i don’t knock it, im just not into it. it’s fun to mock from time to time. but that's it as far as my interest in it.

6M2F: What do you have to say to those that will compare you guys to The Cool Kids?
Brown: Gone Fishing
Blue: they aren’t listening hard enough.

6M2F: Any advice for aspiring rappers and producers?
Brown: Don’t get a girlfriend/boyfriend before you get on, unless you KNOW she/he believes in you. & It never get easier.
Blue: its better to take your time and build a strong fan base than to aim for a hit single now and be a one hit wonder.

6M2F: What’s the ultimate goal that you guys want out of the entertainment business?
Brown: To be heard. & make my mama proud, whatever else happens, happens
Blue: just to be recognized for being different. my goal since i’ve started was to be the main producer to change the sound of Dallas, or to at least give the south an alternative to what’s mainstream.

6M2F: Blue, Who’s your dream producer to work with?
Blue: 9th wonder, i use fruity loops and i’ve heard that he does to. i’d love to learn how he uses it compared to how i do and pick up some tips from his style.

6M2F: Brown, Who’s you’re dream collabo?
Brown: It would probably be with Scarface & Andre 3k

6M2F: Any upcoming projects?
Brown: Too many to name the one that matters the most right now is #GetALife
Blue: #GetALife #GetALife #GetALife our second project.

6M2F: Emails/Twitter/websites/shoutouts?
follow us on twitter @SoreLosers, @BlueUrBrainOut, @BrownSoLoser
www.BlueUrBrainOut.Tumblr.com (My Blog)

Shout Out To 6 Months 2 Fame.

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